Friday, 11 March 2016

A winter Trip to Salzburg

Just before Christmas we set off for a new adventure and made our way to Salzburg to visit the Christmas Markets.

It’s become quite a tradition to visit the traditional markets every year and this year was no exception. Last year we went to Berlin and this year we decided to see what the Austrian markets had to offer.

Opting for Salzburg, the home of Mozart and The sound of Music we were excited to explore and see what it had in store for us.
Boarding an extremely early flight to Salzburg we landed at about 10am and were welcomed by a very cold, crisp wintery morning and bright blue skies.
Wrapped up warm we made our way to the hotel. 

One of the best things about travelling to Salzburg is not only is the flight quite short, the town is about 15 minutes from the airport. So for a weekend break, it’s perfect.
We stayed in the Crowne Plaza and after being surprised with a room upgrade, strawberries in the room and the biggest bathroom I have seen, we were ready to explore the town.

The town is extremely picturesque and when we went it was fairly quiet too. Which allowed us to happily wander through the cobbled streets admiring the views. It wasn't long before we started to crave something to keep us warm and what could be better than a glass of Gluhwein. 

Similar to Berlin you pay for a glass of Gluhwin and a small deposit for your cup which you can hand back afterwards or keep it if you wish. If you've read my Berlin posts from last year, I'm sure you'll have guessed by now that I kept quite a few.

We wandered around the pretty market stalls of which there were lots, offering all different kinds of trinkets and presents to take home to your loved ones. 

The toys above are what I call 'Smoking Men'. You fill them with incense and once lit the smoke starts to escape through their mouth or whatever instrument they made be holding. Very traditional and a great present, we spent a while picking out the best Australian looking figures. 

And of course, if food is something you are more interested in...then there is plently of that too. 

From fresh fruit to sausages and amazing sweet treats, there is something here for everyone. 
We were particularly keen to try the marshmallow filled pastries which seemed something of a tradition and unlike anything I had really tried before. 

My advice....share one. They are very filling. 

 Homemade warm bread with delicious raclette cheese topped with bacon and leaks. Exactly what you need to keep warm on a chilly evening. 

More on the Austrian food tomorrow. 

In the evening I was surprised to return to the hotel to receive a 'turn down service' I didn't really realise that this actually happened. Not only where our covers turned down but they left us mini chocolates and a Sudoku puzzle each.
Which naturally we raced each other to see who was the fastest.

Tucked up in the biggest and comfiest bed I've slept in in ages. We fell fast asleep ready for another day of adventuring.

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  1. How cozy!! Would love to visit the Salzburg markets one year :) x