Friday, 27 June 2014

Go Ape

Sometimes when things get a bit much, it's good to let go.

Literally...let go. 

So this weekend some friends and I planned a little tree Top Adventure to 'Go Ape'

We got to challenge ourselves by climbing tress, swinging from Tarzan ropes and zip wiring out of tress, 30ft in the air. 
You really got to release your inner child again. Although I'm not sure if my 7 year old self would have enjoyed that kind of adrenalin rush.

We laughed endlessly about how the safety harness we had to wear was anything but flattering and how everyone looked like they had a rather uncomfortable situation going on in their trouser region. 
But once we'd whizzed through the safety course we were finally let loose. 

To the tree tops we went.

Landing the zip wires was not as easy as you might think but I managed to capture Ian landing one. In what looks like a Superman pose?

But now back to the trees. 

The best bit about this picture is that it looks like my friend is floating in mid air. Can you see it?
Tip right hand corner. 

The course consisted of 4-5 different sections and each ending in a zip wire back down to the ground. 
You had to crawl through tunnels made of wool, swing from a Tarzan rope and shimmy along rather narrow crossings. 
Remembering how to safely hook yourself onto each bit of equipment was probably the scariest bit of the adventure but once you got used to trusting yourself, it became almost natural to be dangling in mind air on a very thin looking bit of wire. 

There are 28 Go Ape Adventures around the country (UK) so no matter where you live, I'm sure you'll find one nearby. You can check their website out here

It costs about £35 per person and it takes about 2-3 hours to go round the course. 
It's honestly one of the best mornings I've had and a great way to get all your friends together. 
Even if you are scared of heights, the rush of adrenalin that you get when your flying along the zip wires is worth every penny. 

Like most things in life, Go Ape is even better if you share it. So grab your friends, work colleagues and head over as a tribe to one of their venues and get in touch with your inner Tarzan. 

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