Monday, 30 November 2015

Nakd Bars

Have you heard of Nakd Bars? If you haven't where have you been?

Nakd Bars are healthy snacks which contain 100% natural ingredients. They are wheat, daily and gluten free and are even suitable for Vegan's which made some of my friends very happy when a little parcel from Natural Balance Foods turned up at my door. 
They are the perfect snack, whether it's a pre or post work pick me up or something to keep you going at work during the day.

Here's what I thought of all the flavours and my favourites too. 

Berry Delight

This bar is made of Dates 49%, Cashews 31%, Raisins 17% and Raspberries 3% and also a bit of natural flavouring. 
This is probably one of my favourites. It has a a slighty sweeter taste than some of the other bars which suits me as in the afternoon's I do tend to crave something sweet. 

Coco Delight

Again, this is definitely a bar I would reach for. Quite a chocolatlely taste and again, great if you need a little pick me up after a work out. 
It's amazing how chocolaty it tastes. A reason why I love these bars so much is because you know exactly what goes into them and apart from a hint of flavouring, it's completely healthy.

Cashew Cookie

Unfortunately this is probably one of my least favourites. I didn't particularly like the taste (even though I don't mind cashews) but I wasn't that keen on the texture of the bar either. However there are plenty more in the range to keep you busy. 

Rhubarb and Custard

This one would get a 10/10 in my opinion. This is my go to bar after my gym works outs when I need a little something to keep me going until my next meal. It's sweet and tasty and has a very smooth texture. (It also tastes great with a cup of tea).

Pecan Pie

A take on the classic American recipe, this bar definitely packs a lot of flavour in. If you like pecan's you'll love this bar. It definitely had a nuttier texture than some of the others bars. A firm favourite of mine.

Caffe Mocha

I am a huge fan of Mocha's anyway so this bar sounds perfect already. It's a very smooth bar which a hint of that Mocha taste I like.
It's guilt free chocolate.

Cocoa Delight

It is made up of Dates 48%, Cashews 29%, Rasins 17% and Cocoa 6%.
This bar tasted really choclately, more so than some of the others. The best thing for me about this bar, is that if you are graving something naughty, it will stop you reaching for a normal chocolate bar. Which for me is great as I do tend to have those gravings in the afternoon.

Ginger bread 

I am not the biggest fan of ginger but this bar surprised me. It's perfect for this time of year and definitely makes you feel quite christmassy. It smells very strongly of ginger but lucky for me the taste was not too overwhelming.

Natural Balance Foods have a range of flavours. They also stock the 'TREK' bars which are always something I try to keep in my gym bag. They are a little bit more filling than the Nakd bars and so are a great re-fulling snack to have after a workout.

Are you wanting to get healthier for the new year? Why don't you check out this post on Gym Motivation. Along with this post and the Nakd bars, you'll be all set and ready to stick to that new years resolution you were planning on making next year.

A huge Thank you to Natural Balance Foods.

What's your favourite flavour?

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