Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ravello in Italy

On Wednesday morning we grabbed the early morning flight to Naples, Italy.

But before I get carried away in showing you the town and it’s amazing views, I must tell you the reason why we’re here. 

On Friday, one of my very good friends gets married.
This trip has been planned since January so finally the girls…..and the boys of course, boarded a flight to the Amafli Coast. 

We had no idea what amazing views awaited us.

Our trip took us to Ravello about 30 minutes away from the Amalfi Coast.
Completely picturesque, this little village sits on top of a hill overlooking the breath taking coastline. 

I’d been to Sorrento many years ago but had completely forgotten just how beautiful Italy was. 
We checked in to a little bnb called 'Il Rosetto'. Small, cosy and basic….we didn’t need anything more.
The little room we stayed in actually had a lemon grove courtyard which was beautiful. 

Our evening was spent eating, drinking and mainly just catching with the girls and everyone's recent adventures.

Breakfast the next morning was extremely tasty. They brought out a huge array of croissants (every type you could image...freshly baked), bread and refreshing glasses of freshly squeezed orange and raspberry juice.

A few of our group decided to go to Pompeii for the day but looking for something a little more relaxing, we got the bus to Amalfi.

Amalfi unlike Ravello rather was busy.
Bustling with locals, mopeds and rather speedy buses,  we escaped onto one of the side streets where we went to explore the shops.

 Some of the gang (Chris, Kelly, Laura, Luke, Ian and I) exploring the streets of Amalfi. 

Shopping for Limoncello and strange coloured pasta.
I actually bought the green, pink and white pasta that's on the top basket on the left. 

Keen to explore as much as we could, we decided to get the boat to Positiano. Unfortunately we had just missed one but fortunately for us we came prepared with our bikini's and so relaxed on the beach until the next ferry arrived. 

We even managed to have a quick dip before it was time to go. 

The ferry didn't take long, about 40 minutes but I could not recommend this journey enough.
Forget the bus. This is the way to see the Amalfi coast at it's best.

Who wants to be stuck in a stuffy car when you can enjoy being on the water, looking at this view. 
I know where I'd rather be. 

We didn't stay for long in Positiano but we did find a little coffee bar that served amazing ice creams and if that wasn't enough just look at this view. 

I would have loved to have explore Positiano a bit more but I guess I'll have to save that for next time. 

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  1. Looks like you live a very jet-set life, always dashing here there and everywhere! Very lucky :)