Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Real Food Market

On Friday my friend Laura and I explored the Real food Market at London's Southbank.
Every weekend, food stalls from around the city flock together in front of the Royal Festival Hall to sell their produce. 

The sheer quality of produce available ranges from welsh rarebit, cheeses with such weird and wonderful flavours, breads of a huge diverse variety, chocolates, pulled pork buns and doughnuts and croissants galore. 
The list is endless. 
The market arrives here every weekend and some Fridays, bustling with locals, tourists and city workers popping out for a spot of lunch. 

We wandered round for a while, admiring the stalls, peering past the queues and enjoying the different smells that wafted our way. The atmosphere was amazing and we struggled to know where to start with the food. Luckily we managed to try as much as we could.

The only thing I wish I'd picked up were the small bottles of Champagne (you can see the picture above) I thought they looked quite individual and different....maybe next time. 

I even managed to bring home a few different bits of salami and some rather interesting flavoured cheese. 

I highly recommend popping down to the market next time you are in the Southbank area. 

If you want any more information you can find them Here

Have you been to one of the Real Food Markets? Let me know what some of your favourite stalls were?

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