Monday, 16 February 2015

Day 3 in Berlin

Our last day in Berlin had finally arrived and unlike yesterday, instead of lazing in bed, we ordered room service for breakfast and checked out fairly early so that we could enjoy our last day in Berlin.

I’ve never ordered room service before, mainly because I always thought it would be ridiculously expensive, which surprisingly enough, it wasn’t.
We ordered eggs benedict and a selection of croissants, bread rolls and jam.

After sadly packing up the room and checking out of the hotel we went for a stroll in the crisp morning air.
We wandered through many of shopping galleries, gazing at all the beautiful Christmas decorations and taking far too many photos before we made our way to the market I had saved for last.

I had heard the Gendarmenmarkt was one of the Berlin’ most traditional markets so naturally I was keen to end our German market experience on a good one…..and it didn’t disappoint.

One of the things that makes this market different is that all the tents are covered in fairy lights with a star sitting perfectly on the top, tempting you inside to view whatever treasures and treats are on offer. 

Set in a square at the site of the Konzerthaus, you have the French cathedral at one end and the German Cathedral at the other.
It is an especially beautiful sight at night time, when the lights glow against the Cathedral, making the atmosphere extremely warm and Christmassy.

It is a brilliant square which arguably hosts one of Berlin’s best markets.
The square is lined with symmetrical looking white tents that glow with a warm yellow/amber colour even in the day time.
You do have to pay 1 Euro to enter which isn’t really an issue but I wanted to mention it...just in case. 

It was at this market that I had one of my favourite things to eat.
In a little hut at the end of the market, the staff busy themselves making bread. Kneeding it, roling it out and then topping it with the most gorgeous tasting cheese. Not to mention is it then covered with bacon.
They then put it in a oven and the final product is amazing.
Warm, hot dough and cheese that simply just melts in your mouth.

It was so good, I even had two!

Berlin has been a wonderful trip and my first experience in Germany. 
I would highly recommend coming here for the Christmas markets but even if you don't come during the festive period, there is so much to do and see here. 

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